Kim Carlton

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The Pivotal Point

The Pivotal Point

Oil on linen, 24x30

Some works call for reverie, others invite revelry.   This painting was the latter sort.

It was large for me and required standing and, sometimes, a little dancing to execute.   The subject matter also was the opposite of quiet, and even my brush found a new dance step on this one.

I am doing some paintings in response to a Civil War reenactment that I got to see recently.   This cavalry scout, sword at the ready and pistol drawn, came bounding into my view just as the troops were preparing for battle.   The attitude of the horse and rider together created such a beautiful mark against the smoke and sky—an abstract movement of forward momentum and back-straining to stop, only one foot touching the ground…it had to be painted.

My hat’s off to the Third Texas Cavalry Regiment of Civil War Reenactors!

Scout Arriving - detail